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Anonimo whispered: You are so cute as ryuko *-* did you do other cosplay before?

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I cosplayed: Misa Amane,Lucy Heartfilia,Female version of Reborn and Mikasa Ackerman,it passed a year since the last time I cosplayed her so I’m planning to take it again for April and maby to do even Annie but (Im not really sure) for the next year I’m planning to do these cosplay 


Sorry for my long absence, this week I’ll post a Gif that has been required by an anon ;)

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Anonimo whispered: Wait when there Is an animated gif of Levi do you mean we can only like the post and not reblog it? Or that we can reblog the post but just not post that gif again? Sorry I'm kinda confused on that 😅

You can like and reblog it :)

what I want is to not post the GIF again and remove the credit

Anonimo whispered: why would you even reblog that???? levi is definately cute and moe! it isnt as wrong as feminising eren!!!



I… I seriously can’t tell if you’re trolling with me or not. Levi is not a “moe” character. He is not a character that blushes easily. The anime is not the canon universe, and I hate that the animation team made him a stick to ‘appeal’ to the fandom. If he were really stick skinny, do you think he would weigh more than Eren at his height of 5’3” while Eren is 5’7”?

Furthermore, he is not a cutesy little clumsy thing that is innocent and all things not Levi. Look at the court scene. The look in his eyes are the eyes of someone who has seen more than you can imagine. He lived in the underground. The underground, which has thugs, and rapists, and drug dealers, as well as other things. And Levi was one of those thugs.

Levi’s characterization from Isayama is that he is an awkward character that doesn’t know how to express himself. You can tell from the Manga chapter that, frankly, hasn’t been animated yet, therefore I don’t know if you saw it. Hanji has to translate for him. If you didn’t see that, here’s a picture.


You can see the “…”

Levi literally has a face saying “Are you shitting me?”

Is that the face of a “moe” or “cutesy” character?

If your answer is still yes, then let me elaborate more on why it’s wrong to do that.

Isayama gives his characters personalitys, like all other characters. Levi is assumed to be in his thirties, which, in itself, is already inappropriate. Like Palina has already stated, it is more likely that people will feminize a fifteen year old boy with MASSIVE eyes, who actually smiles a lot and, most of all, wears his heart on his sleeve. It is less likely for people to feminize a thirty year old man who canonly only gets 2-3 hours of sleep and IN CANON, has rippled muscles.

Now, another point Palina put up, which, frankly, I believe in it as if it is my religion, you are literally worshiping a character who isn’t Levi. It’s just some uke chartacter with an undercut, Levi’s eyes, and the Survey Corps jacket on himself.

I don’t quite know who you are trying to characterize Levi as right now, but it is certainly not Levi you are worshiping.

It is degrading to Levi’s character and, to bluntly put it, degrading to the amount of effort Isayama has put into building Levi into the character he is today. Awkward, neutral-faced Levi who has a mouth full of dirt, not shy, cutesy, moe Levi who isn’t Levi at all.

I hope I got this through to you, because this is not Levi’s character, and it is disgraceful for you to claim that is it. You can fancanon Levi as however you want, but once you claim Levi actually is how you perceive him, and not how he actually is, that’s when we have problems. 

I literally can’t tell if the anon is trolling or not. Trolling or some srs lvls of delusion.



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